Company Policy

Credit Terms

All invoices will carry a 5% discount if paid within 10 days. They are due and payable in 30 days. All invoices over 30 days will be subject to finance charges calculated at 18% APR. customers with invoices over 60 days, (from date on invoice) will be notified that, any orders placed, or in house, will be held until all the past accounts are cleared.

Freight Allowances

On invoices of $4,000.00 or more, we will allow up to 7% of the invoice amount toward the freight cost of that shipment. If the freight cost is less than the allowed amount, only the actual freight charges will be allowed. No allowance will be granted to any distributor that has an outstanding invoice over 60 days old. A copy of the freight bill must be attached to the invoice for credit.

Private Labels

All Ready to sell and concentrated products are available with private labels. Any cost incurred will be passed to you. The charge for the master label and master SDS in Coosa Valley Chemical format is $15.00.

We Offer:

-Concentrated Products available in liquids, powders, and kits.

-Customer blending available

-$2,000,000.00 Product Liability Insurance

-Private Labeling

-Safety Data Sheets with name and logo

-Shipment within 2 hours on stock items

-Samples available on all products

-Protected Distribution areas available